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What does Blogger Outreach mean? Blogger outreach is the technique of dealing with online influencers as bloggers to build long-lasting relationships with other influential bloggers, to increase the number of consumers, shares and thus, generate more sales. So, blogger outreach is chiefly about establishing relationships. It involves reaching out to different bloggers and then finding out how each can be benefitted due to the other’s presence. The Importance of Blogger Outreach: 1) Majority of consumers always consult product reviews before taking the decision of purchasing a particular product. 2) When consumers research about a particular brand, bloggers are a reliable source of information. Research has shown that nearly 81% of the digital consumers depend on the suggestions given to them by the bloggers. 3) Bloggers have an active presence in multiple social channels. 4) Blogs have managed to acquire a position in the top five origins of dependable information. 5) Influencers are always active on blogs. 6) Though mid-level influencers like bloggers have a smaller audience, their audience is far more loyal compared to mega influencers and paid media. The 5 Steps of Blogger Outreach:  Before approaching bloggers, plan your whole campaign properly.  Identify the perfect bloggers for you with the help of a blogger outreach tool and suggestions from other influencial bloggers in your network.  Your approach towards bloggers should be on a personalized level.  Provide the bloggers with assets so that they can write an interesting and accurate post about your brand  Always promote yourself. Best Practices for Blogger Outreach: There are some simple tricks that can be followed for capturing attention of consumers. These are called Blogger Outreach tools: • Be Networked Relationships always matter. If you want someone to pay attention to you, you will learn that people generally tend to be more receptive to any kind of outreach if a common friend acts as the connecting link. So, for more traffic, you should spend sufficient time establishing relationships with other relatable bloggers. • Be Concise Your message should be simple and you need to arrive at your point without much delay. The introduction should not be too long. It’s very essential for your content to be to the point. • Be Relevant Your pitch has to be thoroughly relevant to the person you are targeting. For this you need to understand the person completely and figure out whether he will be interested in your pitch or not. • Be Passionate Nobody will be excited about your thing if you yourself are not excited. Without being passionate, it is difficult to draw the attention of others. • Be Amazing Influencers will not be intrigued to write about something that’s not novel or lacks originality. Whatever you offer to them, it has to be amazing. The product or service offered by you must seem useful to them, something they can easily relate to. Only then will you succeed in capturing the attention of the target influencers. How to build a blogger outreach authority that lasts? 1) Identify the bloggers that will be beneficial for your brand and then all you need to do is nurture your relationship with them. 2) Once you have identified a potential blogger, send an email to that blogger personally and mention the following facts clearly and concisely:  Short history of you and your brand  How the two of you can prove beneficial for each other in the long run  What do you exactly want from the blogger  What are you willing to invest in order to make the union mutually productive 3) In the initial stage, do not be afraid of constantly experimenting with several approaches and working with several niches. This will be a knowledgeable experience- one that will teach you what type of posts generate quality brand engagement. 4) The bloggers need to be provided with plenty of assets so that they can write an interesting and a genuine post promoting your brand. Product guides and high resolution images are two things that you can take help of in this regard. 5) On your own social channels, regular promotion of all earned media is required. 6) Know niches that the consumers you target would be interested in following. 7) Be determined to give your blogger a satisfying and remarkable experience with your brand. This will enable you to build strong alliances instead of short-term relationships. 8) Deal with bloggers across various digital channels. As bloggers promote themselves, their influence is generally poignant on multiple mediums.

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