Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

•   Secure Online Payment System

•    We are verified PayPal user. We follow PayPal for international money transferring. You just need to have a PayPal id to make transaction with us easily.

•    We use 100% White Hat SEO technique

•   The blogs we publish are unique and copyright protected. So you always be careful for your content if any illegal activities found we may decline or may not approve to proceed further.

•   Any spam actives in the quality of content for our blogs may also cancel your authority from the BDN marketplace.

•   Anytime Moneyback Guarantee

•   If you order a guest post for a site and if we are unable to publish within the TAT then you may replace and choose any other site as an alternative on the same price or you may ask a refund and we will refund the money within 2-4 business days.

•   Follow the guidelines

•   You are a partner, blogger or client must need to follow the guidelines provided to your own profile by the BDN tool.

•   Detailed Submission Report

•   The orders details is auto generated. You can order, pay, recharge, withdrawn, submit, add to cart, refund and all you will get immediate notified via email or notifications.

•   High Authority Backlinks

•   The sites we listed in the BDN software is genuine and considered as high authority blogs so if your order get rejected becuase of irrelevant contents or content that doesn't have enough information as required by site admin then your order may hold for rewriting or you may have to choose any other site replacement.

•   Great Discounts

•   Depends on time of companies end.

•   24 Hours Support

•   You may call us or email at our customer support team for any kind of inquiries.

•   Payments

•   In terms of PayPal rules you must follow to PayPal for any kind of payment issues.

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