Privacy Policy


We are thanking you for searching our website BDNGroup. This policy is for maintaining your privacy while using this website. You can know that kind of information you can get from our website and how we are using your information by reading this privacy policy. Sometimes it is difficult to search the information so for your easy access we have given all terms and conditions of this website in the home page itself. It will make your search a easy process. You can also ask any kind of question what you want to ask.

We are trying hard to providing you a better service provider where you can get any kind of information and it is our promise to protect your privacy. It will give you an information which you never had before.

Most of the time your informations are not fully secured. But here you are totally safe and secured. Your informations will be accessed by our selective staffs, few agencies and specific contractors.

This statement of the privacy policy is same for all other websites or service providers also. It is stated in this statement that this kind of systems provides you informations from every field and keeps your data and personal informations safe and secured. Your identity will never be disclosed.

What is required

For log in to our website you may have to provide us some personal information which includes your name, phone number, date of birth, details of license, credit cards etc. If you will log in to our website with a wrong identity we can track your IP address and can identify you and also get to know that what you were trying to do. But for identifying you, we will not link your IP address with any of your personal details. A technology is there to track you and to know what are you browsing and how you are using the website. It is called "cookie" . This is also applicable to our website. If you want to know more about this technology and how it works, you can get to know from our website itself.

How the website is using the data

We are collecting some of your personal informations for certain purpose. You must know how we are using it and for that you have to look at the following points below:

•   We are keeping your details and using it as per so that you don't have to enter the same details more than one time.

•   To give you the proper service which you need or want to purchase.

•   For showing you the right thing which may help you to get what you want.

•   To give you latest updates and to make you aware of recent offers which are appropriate for you.

•   Many companies are now giving promotional offers , you can also participate there

•   To give you the proper feedback about specific products and the report of any survey which can be done online.

•   It can also be used as a reference to proceed with any kind of requests.

Sharing method

The website will never disclose your personal details unless it is very much needed. The provider will do this if only your access will be a legal issue and if it is needed to assist the provider to maintain law. The service provider is not at all eager to access your details so you must be very careful about the access which you are doing. And you also must be very sure that your access will not do any harm to others. Your activity must be very transparent.

If certain situation arrives and the company has to merge with another company or the service provider, then they can share the personal details of the users for further reference. But it is not mandatory for the provider to inform the users about such incidents. These issues will be confidential.

The service provider will strictly follow the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. It will not at all share your details with anyone if you are not willing to share it with anyone. It is already mentioned that when the provider will access your details. Your informations will be shared only if is required for the provider to proceed in a technical issue or any services which will require these. If you have any complains or anyone is complaining against you then it is the duty of the provider to solve the matter by using your personal details.

Online business

To use this website you have to register first and to register you have to fill up the online form with certain personal information. But the provider will definitely provide you with many options. It is the duty of the provider to keep the details as secret. The type of security which we will provide is of a high standard. Usually this type of security structure we can see in industries. There are many steps to secure your informations.


It is not the set up of the website to share the personal informations. The informations given by you will be used only for the internal purpose only. It will not be shared without any purpose. Cookie is the technology to secure your details on a personal level. It is your choice weather you want to use cookie or not. It is an optional usage. It is automatic in many of the websites. You can also refuse to use cookie but then you will not be able to experience the ultimate usage of internet.

Issues related to Links

Every websites including our website also will show you different links. If you will use these links it will be the responsibility of the user. The provider will not be responsible for any kind of disturbances regarding these links. We are requesting our users to be careful while using internet and browsing websites.

Complain issues

It will be a great pleasure for us if you will give your valuable opinions about the website for its betterment. If you have any request or complain about us, you can mail us whenever you want and we are assuring you that you will definitely be entertained.

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