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BDN is a freelance corporation and most fabulous guest posting platform or Blogger outreach tool for Bloggers and Digital Marketing Strategist. It's a global organization and anyone can join as a partner, as a blogger or as a client. However the rules are different for P - B - C .


    If you want to become a partner of BDN then you must sign up here under the section of P with a reference code of your 1st partner or P1 (who asked you to become a partner of BDN). If you don't have a code of your 1st partner you may still signup by depositing security money and that is only $20000 (refundable). In that case you will achieve the position of 1st partner and you will get a lots of facilities as a P1 (1st partner).

    Once you become a 1st Partner you will be eligible to recruit new partners as P2 (2nd partner) under your reference code and you will get a lot of commission for each of their work orders lifetime.

    You will be eligible to add new blogs and set your desire prices as you want. There are more than a millions advertisers/bloggers/publishers/clients/partners around the world looking for new blogs to publish guest post and building backlinks to become on the top of search engine result page.


    If you want to become a blogger of BDN then you are most welcome. First you need to know that, we do not accept any kind of low quality blogs that loads with a lot of external links or copied contents or the blogs which is just started and less than 2 years old. Just don't waste your time and ours too. Always remember we check each and every blogs manually. Once we approve your sites you will get notified and you will get regular guest post orders for your sites.

    You need to sign up here under the section of B with all details as required.

    Always you should complete the task as on TAT (Turn Around Time) so you will get paid weekly.

    You need to fill up every metrics as per BDN software required*. Also mention if you have any special instruction for the content we send you to publish.

    You can't remove any guest post from your blogs without a proper reason. If you did this we will cancel your license forever. We also make dispute at your PayPal id for the same.


    If you are an online advertiser or digital marketing consultant or a SEO manager then BDN is a perfect content marketing tool that helps you to build backlinks on various high authority blogs that Google loves. All of the blogs we listed here are very much SEO friendly blogs which will helps you to get rank on top of Google search with the appropriate keywords that you are looking for. Here's what to do:

    Just signup here under the section of C with all details as required.

    Deposit funds to your BDN account and use it to make multiple payments for each of the guest post you order.

    You can see all of the blogs we listed at our platform and refine your search along with their quality parameters, cost per post, ratings if available, etc and you can place order accordingly.

    You can cancel order before we approve and once we approve you can't cancel any order.

    These are the basic steps to introduce who we are. There much more facilities or instructions you can view once you register at BDN platform. For any kind of queries you may get in touch with us anytime.

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